It’s Hard Not to Buy Stuff — FIbyREI

Our consumerist culture

The consumeristic culture we live in encourages an increasing acquisition of goods, whether or not we actually need them. There seems to be a constant pressure in society to buy the latest and greatest. For example, you might feel the pressure to upgrade your cell phone or car to the newest model every year. The pressure to purchase the newer item can be a constant, even if your current items are functioning properly.

How to break the consumerist model

The bottom line

It might not be easy to break the consumerist model, but it is 100% worth it. Once you align your spending with your values, you’ll be able to start living your best life. When you know that you are spending money intentionally based on your values, you won’t be forced to live the life that consumerism forces on you.



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Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

Host of “The House Hacking Podcast” and owner of